Smiling Jack Is Back

May 16, 2011

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Smiling Jack is back and this time it’s Phyllis who reaps the benefits of his underhanded dealings, but at what cost?

Smiling Jack is back and this time it is Phyllis who reaps the benefits of his sneaky and underhanded dealings. Jack has always been a master at getting what he wants and doing it while keeping a smile on his face. But this time Jack has found himself having regrets regarding his underhanded dealings with Phyllis.

Our Latest Weekly News Warp

March 11, 2011

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New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, is soon to meet with US President, George W. Bush in an effort to learn, once and for all, how New Zealand SAS troops got to Afghanistan. While early suspicion naturally enough pointed to the crafty Australians – who have cut New Zealand out of a co-hosting role for the rugby World Championship – there is mounting suspicion that the US itself may have been involved. Ms. Clark confirmed that her government is investigating one particularly troublesome rumor.


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Ultra-Determined: An Interview with Boulder Ultra-Runner Stephanie Ehret. 2

June 28, 2010

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AR: Do you train year-round, or is there an off-season/on-season?

SE: I might perform better if I took a month or two off each year – most of the top competitors do. But I’m really more interested in doing what I love – running – than in winning races. I do cross-train (bicycle, ski, snowshoe, aerobics) whenever the running starts to feel stale or tedious.

Ultra-Determined: An Interview with Boulder Ultra-Runner Stephanie Ehret. 1

June 17, 2010

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What would ever possess someone to want to go out and run 100 miles? After spending a year running regularly with a group of people who consider this “fun” in some warped way, the author finally gave in to her curiosity and approached experienced ultra-runner Stephanie Ehret in pursuit of the answer to this question. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, at 38 Ehret is one of the best ultra-distance runners in the country (ultra-distance means longer than a marathon). Ehret’s dedicated attitude and her obvious passion for the sport have garnered her top finishes in many events, such her first-place overall (both male and female) in the 1999 Across the Years 24-hour race, as well as sponsorships by Montrail, Patagonia and Clif Bar. So just how does someone get involved in this intense sport, and what, exactly, does it take?