March 3, 2010

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Dating back to 500 B.C. in Egypt and Rome, this veggie was known as an expensive specialty and in France it was known for the aristocracy only.

Description: Artichokes are like a flower bud or can look like green pine cones. It is native to the Mediterranean region where this part of the world has the lowest rates of chronic disease. Because of the amount of effort it takes to clean this veggie, it is not thought of as an “everyday” vegetable. The fresh taste is definitely worth the effort. If you are short on time, you can buy ready-to-eat hearts in cans or jars from your grocery. Generally you would not use artichokes as a main course since only 20 percent of the leaf is eaten but can be used successfully as an hors d’oeuvre. The edible parts are the heart of the flower bud and the leaf sections.