Where The Past Comes Alive

October 12, 2011

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Is Jill’s hatred of Mac because she is Katherine’s granddaughter or because Mac reminds Jill of her past?

A fan e-mailed me this week and reminded me of something I had forgotten. And it seems Jill has forgotten it as well. What is it you ask? The past, Jill’s past to be exact.

Jill started out on the show as a girl from the “wrong side of the tracks” as they say in soap opera land. Her family had very little money and they had to fight for everything they wanted. Jill started out as a manicurist and one of her first clients was Katherine. Eventually Jill decided she wanted what Katherine had and seduced Phillip Chancellor to get it. And so began the Katherine/Jill feud that continues to this day.

But Jill seems to have forgotten her lowly background when it comes to Mac. In Jill’s eyes Mac is just not good enough for her Billy. Mac comes from the “wrong side of the tracks”. She can’t possibly measure up to Billy and Jill is determined to see that she doesn’t. Jill has forgotten that Katherine treated her the exact same way and how much she hated it at the time.

Or is that Jill has remembered her past and sees too much of herself in Mac. Too much of the girl she wants to forget ever existed. Could it be that Jill wants to get rid of Mac so she is not reminded of her humble beginnings every day?

Of course it could be as simple as Mac is Katherine’s granddaughter and Jill just doesn’t want her with Billy just for that reason only. But I think there is more to it than that. I think that maybe, just maybe, Jill sees the manicurist searching for a better life in Mac and doesn’t want to see that girl every day and be reminded of who she used to be.

And how much she lost because of the choices she made as that girl. Mac reminds Jill of who she used to be and where she came from, two things I am sure she would like to forget. But the past has a way of coming back to haunt you, especially on soaps, and it is Jill’s turn to be haunted.

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