Win the Chores War!

October 22, 2012

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Do you find yourself the only one that seems to care that the chores get done? Before you fly off the handle, consider these strategies to involve the whole family in home management!

Make a list of all household duties.

Before assigning tasks, find out which chores each family member doesn’t mind doing and those they hate.

Start your small child with short manageable tasks.

Rotate the jobs both you and your spouse dislike and build in time-off. Perhaps one week you could clean up after dinner while your spouse relaxes with the evening paper; the next week you switch!

When you want your child to pick up their things, you’ll have a better response to “I feel sad when the family room is messy” than if you criticize “You never pick up after yourself.”

If your spouse and/or child make an honest effort in doing chores but the results are less than great, try to find something to praise them about and resist the urge to redo!

As opposed to a weekly allowance, consider paying a price per job completed. This provides a more effective approach to rewarding a job well done. Children who receive allowance whether or not they complete all their chores each week fail to see the value of follow through and thoroughness in their work.

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